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Corrimal High School is a comprehensive high school delivering a diverse curriculum from academic subjects to vocational and special needs. For a virtual tour of our school please visit the Our School page.Go to the last tab on the list.
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Information, Digital Media and Technology

Have you ever thought about a career in computer technology, website development, app design? How about engineering, personal health, science or journalism? If you have ever thought about any degree then perhaps Computer... Read more

Managing depression in children

One in four kids over the age of 12 has significant depressive symptoms. For girls, depression generally appears between the ages of 11 through to about 14. For boys, depression generally appears between 12 and 16. Signs your... Read more

Solar Car Design and Racing

Term 3 has seen 10 Science 1 taking part in the 2014 Australian Power Institute's STELR Solar Car Challenge. API supplied kits containing the chassis, gear boxes and solar panels needed to build the cars. Students built car... Read more


AIME 2014

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, AIME, believes that mentoring has to ability to overcome some of the biggest challenges of our times – connection, identity, self-worth, education. The AIME program and their... Read more