Curriculum & activities

Students at Corrimal High School experience learning in an extensive range of subjects.  Corrimal High School is a school privileged with the extra curricula opportunitites provided with the existence of a fully functional agriculture farm.  This area of the school has provided students with the hands on experiences in animal husbandry, feeding young calves and caring for lambs born on site.  Students have also had experiences with new born chicks and have been involved in growing vegetables in garden plots. 

Other extra-curricula activities include:

  • English, Maths, Science and Geography competitions
  • SRC
  • Sporting events
  • Public speaking competitions
  • Southern Stars - Dance

Community service is encouraged amongst students and many participate in Surf Clubs, serving their peers in the school canteen and service in other venues. 

Knowing what your child is learning helps you support them throughout their education.

In this section you can find out how public education works and the range of learning opportunities offered for students to challenge their thinking, and make the most of their unique talents.

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