Equipment List For Mathematics

At Corrimal High School we expect students to have the following basic equipment in every mathematics lesson;

  • An exercise book, preferably a grid book,
  • A blue or black pen for writing,
  • A red pen for numbering, marking and highlighting
  • A highlighter for emphasising formulae and key points,
  • A pencil for any constructions or drawings,
  • A ruler and an eraser,
  • A geometry set
  • A suitable calculator.


Preferred Calculator Details

Calculators are available at the school office for $25 which are suitable for use from Year 7-12. Year 7 use their calculators sometimes in class and for the NAPLAN test but not for formal examinations, whereas, students in Year 8-12 are required to have their calculator with them for all class work.

It helps if the students have a calculator similar to the school version as it makes it easier for the student when doing complex calculations involving many keys.


The Mathematics faculty recommends purchasing the Casio brand scientific calculator.  Scientific calculators have special mathematical functions such as:

Square root, Negative numbers ( - ), Fractions, Pi (p), Statistic modes, Trigonometric keys (sin, cos, tan), Raising to powers and Degrees, minutes, seconds (° ´ ").


Text Books

Although mathematics teachers at Corrimal High School draw teaching resources from a wide range of sources, not just a single textbook, most classes are issued with a textbook. These textbooks are expensive and can be easily damaged in being taken to and from school. Students will be asked to pay for unreasonable damage done to textbooks which have been issued to them.

An easy way to avoid damage is to use a plastic textbook cover, which can be obtained from the Mathematics department. Online textbook can also be accessed and are useful for simple and light transport on a USB.