Student leadership

Students don't have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects.

Corrimal High School - SRC


Corrimal High School has a strong SRC body of student leaders who support staff and students in a variety of ways. The SRC have meetings during roll call every morning under the direction of Mr A Heng. The SRC's active involvement in whole school activities has seen money raised every year for many charities and continues to positively promote the high values that the school maintains. The SRC also do a fantastic job every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, of running our whole school assemblies, demonstrating promising leadership skills to their fellow peers. School Captains are seen as role models for our student population. In the same way, the SRC are perceived as leaders and desirable examples of how a CHS student conducts themselves both in the classroom and the playground. 


Aims of the SRC

To provide a suitable committee through which the entire student body is represented, to discuss, plan and implement measures which promote the welfare of the school and especially the students within the school.


To provide an opportunity and a catalyst for the student body to voice its collective opinions, which may enable students to contribute meaningfully to the school's decision making process.


We congratulate our current Captains and SRC members on being elected to act as leaders of our school. We also commend the people who stood up for election and encourage them to continue to develop in their leadership skills for future elections.