Student leadership

Students don't have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects.

Corrimal High School-SRC

Corrimal High School has a strong team of students who support staff and students in a variety of ways. The SRC meetings commence 4 mornings a week during roll call. These meetings are used to discuss future of the school and fundraisers for charities under the direction of Mr Arthur Heng. The activities performed by the SRC have seen money rose for multiple charities and uphold the values Corrimal High maintains. The SRC are also responsible for running the assembly every Wednesday, demonstrating leadership to their peers. The SRC are perceived as leaders and examples of how all students should conduct themselves in both the classrooms and playground.

Aim of the SRC

To represent the entire student body, to discuss, plan and implement ideas in which to promote the welfare of the students and the school, to provide opportunities for the students to voice their opinions and ideas. These opinions and ideas are then brought up during meetings to put forward to the executive. These ideas and opinions could benefit the school or other charities.

SRC Team Of 2018

Congratulations to all these members on being elected to represent our school, this congratulation is extended to those who stood up for elections and we encourage them to continue to develop leadership skills for elections to come.

Yr 8 SRC Madeleine Devitt
Yr 8 SRC Brandi Uppaphong
Yr 8 SRC Tarnni Foster
Yr 8 SRC Keegan Spears
Yr 9 SRC Maddison Lloyd
Yr 9 SRC Rudy-Lee Paterson
Yr 9 SRC Bailey Farrington
Yr 9 SRC O'syrus Klerks
Yr 10 SRC Vicky Phu
Yr 10 SRC Alliyah Sybell
Yr 10 SRC Stephanie Walford
Yr 10 SRC Thomas Logan
Yr 11 SRC Tameryn Burchell
Yr 11 SRC Dylan Kramer
Yr 11 SRC Cain Shepherd
Yr 11 SRC Jack Ziems
Yr 12 SRC Billie Valentin
Yr 12 SRC Zac James
Vice Captains Brittney Zulian
Vice Captains Declan Weir-Nash
School Captains Vanessa Marcelo
School Captains Benjamin Rudolf