The philosophy of our school library is to provide a service that caters for every single member of our school community.


What does this mean?

Our library is open all day, every day.  At recess, lunch, senior study periods and Wednesday afternoon for Year 12.


How can the librarian help you?

The librarian is available to help with: research, finding books, drafts, note taking, speeches, debates, time management, study skills and essays.


Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

The range of skills and services on offer in the library, and always available, can foster patterns of learning in all our students that will help them become successful learners for life.  Whether it be through books or any type of multimedia, the library offers students the chance to develop deep knowledge that will set them up for life.


Keeping up with the times

Is there a recent book out, or movie created from a book, that you would like to read?  Visit the library for a current range of our exciting EBook collection includes over 1200 books including new releases and old classic literature.


What the students think

  • It's a happy environment
  • Very welcoming
  • Help always available
  • Utilised every period
  • Lots of resources
  • Different areas for different needs
  • Excellent range of HSC resources
  • Wide range of books in all areas
  • An overall pleasant environment for all purposes - study, reading and relaxing
  • BEST OF ALL students can offer suggestions for book ordering, maintaining a current and exciting range of new books