What We Love About Reading!!

Student voice

"I love reading because it is good for the mind and vocabulary.  Reading is a great way to sink into oblivion, and forget any troubles and strife.  I love reading because it can plunge the reader into any world of any possibility, and there is an endless, varying range of wonderful stories that are easily re-liveable.


Reading will also help me on my way to become a well-known author/illustrator.  Reading is a wonderful way to build up a copious amount of words in one's vocabulary, and books can make anyone who takes the time and effort to read, quite happily intelligent.


"What I love about reading is being able to imagine what's happening in the book. My current favourite book is Monster." - James Sherlock –


Teacher voice

"I had the pleasure of being asked by Mrs Cutsforth to be the first of many teachers to talk about my reading experiences. We all lead such busy lives but it is so nice to go to bed curled up reading a good book.


I am not a big reader but I do like to go to bed most nights and read a little bit to unwind. Most nights I only get through a couple of pages then I am nodding off, so I need a good book to keep me interested and going. Mrs Cutsforth has the great ability to be able to match people with books that suit their reading style and personality.


Anyone who is looking for a good book should approach Mrs Cutsforth in the library and have a little chat. She will quickly assess what you like and don't like to read and she can guide you to some great books.


We have a great library with supportive staff and fantastic books so I would encourage you all to head to the library, get a book and start reading tonight ......"

Karen Banks – TAS Teacher  Karen Banks


"What I love about reading is learning new things. My all time favourite book is 1984, the best book of the 20th Century".

Arthur Heng – Science Teacher


"What I love about reading is… The Time Travel!!  Seriously, I love meeting new characters and revisiting old ones.  Becoming so immersed in their lives I'm sometimes hesitant in returning to mine! I love the written word, expressed between the pages. I love that a perfect stranger, someone I've not met, has the power to evoke in me utter pleasure, excitement, fear, contempt, laughter!  How clever they are!


My current favourite book is… Wow, how do you choose a favourite out of thousands?  Much like people I've met over the years, each book has come into my life for a purpose… To entertain, to teach a lesson, add perspective, illuminate a dull and aching heart. Although one such book was the exquisite "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks.


I find over the years the one constant companion, the one I keep coming back to again and again like the favourite friend, is my wonderful, trusty dictionary. A world without books would be desolate…"

Phil Reid – Learning Support Teacher


"What I love about reading is being taken away to another place. My current favourite book is anything by Martina Cole and I love Catherine Cookson.Jarrar,Sherrie's son, has received a Merit Award from his school for reading the Wimpy Kid series, borrowed from our school library."

Sherrie Haider – Office Assistant