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Last updated 3:47 PM on 5 March 2012

At the end of last year, much loved Industrial Arts Head Teacher, Garry Kemp, said goodbye to Corrimal High after 35 years of continuous dedicated service to the school.

Garry trained as a Mechanical and Structural Engineer but retrained at Newcastle College of Education. In 1976 he graduated and began his new career teaching many forms of Industrial Arts at Corrimal High. He quickly became involved in training soccer and baseball teams and in 1981 managed the team who were finalists in the Bill Turner Cup. Garry went on to become regional coordinator of the Bill Turner Cup and is a foundation Executive Member of this Committee. Garry continued to coach and loved helping players like Scott Chipperfield.

Another area that Garry set up was a school promotions committee. Displays were organised at Crown Central and Corrimal Court and even the farm animals were there for children to pat.

In 1992 Garry was appointed Advance Skills Teacher and did much to develop new technology within the school, setting up computer labs and arguing for 30MB for future software. Garry served over 10 years as relieving head teacher and then time as relieving Deputy Principal and even though he enjoyed the DP position he really missed the kids.

Garry found a new direction with the introduction of new Vocational Educational and Training Courses. Through his connections, Garry found many students apprenticeships in metal trades.

He began a new crusade in 2000 to find the funds for new machines He helped gain funding for an IT, Retail, Hospitality and Business Skill Centre in 2004 but it wasn't until 2008 after constant battle that $367,000 was awarded for a Metal Skill Centre. This Facility is one of the best in the state.

Garry believes that Corrimal High and the Community were worth every day of his 7000 days of teaching. Corrimal High owes so much to Garry Kemp and wishes him a wonderful well-earned retirement. He will be greatly missed.


   Read all about the Man and the School - 35 Years at CHS (pdf, 314 KB)


        Garry Kemp at the beginning of his career becoming the teacher he was destined to become.                          Garry Kemp - the man - later in his career.


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