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Last updated 9:18 PM on 14 November 2017
Getting involved 

Making a connection and engaging the class

As part of an initiative developed by Corrimal High School, Year 7E have been offered the opportunity to take part in a extra-curricular enrichment project. Over five sessions, the students of 7E will receive firsthand knowledge about the Aboriginal cultural heritage, dreaming, tools and more. In the first session, and under the guidance of Mr Jade Kennedy (UOW and Wollongong Lands Council), the students found out about the geographical breakup of the area, studied the local plants and wildlife, learning both modern and traditional names while exploring Mt Keira (Gerra).


In the coming sessions the students will finalise the information, gather the pictures they took during the first day and create scientific drawings of the plants/animal life before building a phone app that will contain all their hard work. The work that the students have put in will contribute to an understanding of science, technology, sustainability and cultural recognition.