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Last updated 6:44 PM on 2 September 2015
On the 1 st September Mr Monty Boori Pryor took time from his busy schedule to pay a visit to the staff and students of Corrimal High School. Over the one hour session, Boori spent time with students from years 7, and students from our neighbouring primary schools, telling tales and jokes to his audience.
It wasn't all stories and fun though. Boori came with a message which he told all the students was one of the most important life lessons that he has learnt and wishes he learnt earlier than he did. The award winning author wanted all to know that writing and literacy are some of the most powerful tools that people have. The tool is used not only to entertain but also to pass along messages to the audience – messages of reconciliation, recognition and creativity.
Boori helped students to understand that the writing process can be a long road but is worth the wait and our writing should be used to tell our own stories and to help others learn and grow for what we know and have experienced. We encourage you to be creative and tell us your stories.