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Last updated 7:48 PM on 10 September 2014

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, AIME, believes that mentoring has to ability to overcome some of the biggest challenges of our times – connection, identity, self-worth, education. The AIME program and their mentors attempt to connect Indigenous students in a dynamic educational program that has proven to dynamically improve the chances of Indigenous student's finishing school and having a connection to culture and expanding their ideas and future prospects.


Corrimal High School has been a proud supporter of AIME over many years and this year was no different. Our largest group yet of Indigenous students have been attending the AIME program and connecting with UOW, UOW students and mentors and Woolyungah Indigenous Centre in a range o programs assisting in defining identity, healthy lifestyles and draw a focus on education and that it is achievable for all. Here at Corrimal High School, we would like to offer not only our continued support for such an excellent program and partnership with AIME but extend our greatest thanks for the opportunity to attend and the experiences gained. It has been an awesome 2014 for our students at AIME and we encourage them to again consider attending in the future to build up their networks, cultural links and extend the opportunities available.