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Last updated 12:44 PM on 25 October 2014

On Friday 24th October 21 Year 9, 10 and 11 students were fortunate enough to attend an animation workshop hosted by the Academy of Information Technology. While there, students got a firsthand tour of some of the facilities offered by AIT as well as receiving information of the multitude of degrees offered in the field of IT and the high demand for individuals in that area of study.


AIT Workshop


Students got some working knowledge on the background and design elements involved with creating a product for distribution. The planning stage was very in depth and required students to critically think about all the design aspects require to make a simple board game after which they then had to test, evaluate, re-design and test again. Students have already been building skills in a range of Information Technology fields due to their studies at school which includes C++ programming, App development, multimedia production through the use of Blender, 3D printer and Flash and digital media production through Photoshop. After lunch Corrimal High School students had the chance to extend these skills sets participating in the animation process using Maya and Photoshop. Our student were amazed to see how much work was involved in making many items they use every day and were excited by the fact that they too could create such awesome projects if they underwent the same degree.




IT is used in every aspect of our lives now from accessing in the Internet, playing games, purchasing items from shops and almost every aspect of work and it was great to see some eager students to be the next leading specialist in such an enormous field of practical work and application.