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Last updated 2:21 PM on 28 November 2013

Year 12 Art students have completed their major works and they are now on display in the Library. They are a stunning collection of creativity and talent. The major works represent both the quality teaching and learning that takes place at Corrimal High School.

  • Priha King: Collection of Works "Colours"
  • Celia Lowrie: Drawing "Tatoo Designs"
  • Melinda Nutter: Collection of Works "Landscapes"
  • Tai Opeta: Drawing "Strength"
  • Hayley Smith: Collection of Works ‘Swimming"
  • Amy Walker: Painting Untitled.
  • Tyla Evans: Drawing Untitled
  • Georgina Trotti: Painting "Extinction"
  • Michaela Winkler: Collection of Works "Fairytales"
  • Chantelle Derksen: Collection of Works "Fairys"
  • Brianna Dillon-Fowler: Collection of Works "Warped Wardrobe"
  • Tenille Dirks: Painting ‘Portrait"
  • Tahnee Doodeman: Painting/Drawing "Cultural Hybrid Body Decoration"
  • Luka Dugandzija: Collection of Works "Lord of the Rings"
  • Courtney Hill: Drawing "The body is meant to be seen and not covered up"
  • Kara Keenan Painting ‘All that Swims"
  • Kasandra Kill: Collection of Works "Alice in Wonderland"







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