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Last updated 8:18 AM on 24 August 2017
Basketball Term 3 

On Friday 18th August, Corrimal High Boys 15s Basketball team completed at Beaton Park in the Regional competition.

The team consisted of Arlyn Connolly; Kobe Mamo; Rangiuira Waremaki ; Matthew Coyne; Liam Petersen;  Nhickkos Valentin ; Shane  Jores; Jack Ziems & Lewis Grinshaw.

Unfortunately Lewis was carrying a tear to his knee and was unable to play, yet to his credit offered his services in supporting his team from the sideline.

Thomas Potts was the self-appointed Team Manager and assisted with admin duties and preparing the team for battle.

It was a disappointing start with several team members not supporting the team by being on time, and this meant preparation was poor. Consequently the team was towelled up by Keira High in the first game.

The group then practiced well via a scrimmage with the two teams from Keira High, and some players gained confidence from this. We then practiced on our own, structuring some offensive plays and discussing defensive strategies.

It was pleasing to see the growth in team spirit and cohesiveness as students better understood their roles.

We played Woonona High in our final game and executed well to bridge a 10 point deficit and come over the top in the second half.

Rangi played on one leg with a knee injury sustained early in the first half, yet proved to be the difference in the latter stages of the game. Liam & Kobe contributed strongly, however it was a team effort with players carrying out their roles that brought about the win.

The win also marked an improvement in team and school spirit, and students experienced the benefits of competing in a team environment. Well done to these boys on their behaviour and the manner in which they represented the school.


Mr Stephens