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Last updated 8:20 PM on 11 March 2016
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True role models for the school and community. CHS is very proud of you!

Many of us have been touched by cancer in some way. Many people know someone close to them that has suffered through the trauma that is cancer or have supported friends and family throughout their ordeal. To show their support, some of the very awesome students of Corrimal High School banded together for the World's Greatest Shave. On the 11th of March 2016, several students and staff shaved, waxed or coloured their hair to raise research funds and awareness for blood cancer. Not only did many students donate their hair (in some fashion) but those that could not participate in the shave donated much needed funds and assisted the Corrimal High School team to raise over the $3000 mark! Even former students got involved, with Hope and Michelle from Uni Hair and Beauty donating their time or resources in completing the cut and shaves!


We really appreciated your support and thank all volunteers, all those who donated and all those who gave up some hair for a short period of time for such a worthwhile cause!