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Last updated 12:04 PM on 10 August 2017
Students involved 

Cows Create Careers

Farm Module is a six-week program that aims to increase the awareness of dairy industry careers in a very hands-on way. Secondary students are educated by rearing two three-week-old calves at school and the school is provided with dairy industry curriculum for Year 9/10 to at no cost.

This Term Corrimal High School is taking part in this program with the Year 9/10 Agriculture class sharing the tasks of maintaining their shelter, feeding and grooming the two calves, Lucinda and Valentine. It is a big task requiring students to organise a roster, prepare formula and hand feed the animals. Other classes have also been given the opportunity to interact with the calves.

The calves will be at school from 31st July to 18th of August. The calves are fed at 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings, students and families are welcome.