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Last updated 10:46 AM on 23 November 2011


Our senior students like to celebrate their major milestones at this time of year, such as finishing exams and leaving school.


We encourage parents to work with us to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing during this time. Be assured, our school doesn't allow alcohol at any student function whether held at the school or at student dances, farewells, sports events and barbecues outside the school.


Celebration guides for parents and students


Time to party

Parties are part and parcel of teenage social life and help mark the move from childhood to adulthood. Read this article for great tips on hosting a party, or for your teenager and friends to have fun but remain safe when going to a party.


Alcohol: celebrations and supply

More practical suggestions for parents who are hosting celebrations, plus information on the laws about the supply of alcohol to young people, drinking and driving and proof of age. Alcohol celebrations and safety (also translated in community languages).


Turning 18 website

This students' website tells teenagers the facts and the impacts of using drugs and alcohol. ‘If things go wrong' has an easy checklist to help know what to do if anything goes wrong when they're out celebrating. All Year 12 students have been given a copy of the Turning 18 magazine.


Summer safety campaign 

The New South Wales Police Force has launched a summer safety campaign and urged people, including students and those who have finished their school studies, to make good decisions and look after themselves and those they care about over the holiday period.