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Last updated 1:12 PM on 6 November 2012

Jack, Kaleb and Jake celebrate their win.

A team of talented Year 10 students took out first place in the Physics category in this year's Illawarra Coal Regional Science Fair held Oct 31stat the University of Wollongong in the UOW Sports Hub.

The team consisting of Kaleb Cox, Jake Osbourne and Jack Hummel narrowly defeated another team from Corrimal High. Their project focused on finding the force required to achieve the optimum angle that a crossbow could fire from. They proved their hypothesis that the distance a crossbow could shoot would increase up til 45o and then decrease.

Inspired by the javelin throwing from the recent Olympics, these students undertook a number of tests using a wooden protractor and a handmade wooden cross bow.

Jack said that Industrial Arts helped them by making a stand for the protractor. Another group of students, Jackson Williams, Lewis Smith and Mitchell Manwarring conducted the same experiments and Mitchell admirably fired the crossbow for every test.

Jack thought their project had won because they carefully displayed and were able to talk to the judges about their report, findings, pictures, graphs and tables. Already a good speaker, Jack felt the science fair gave an opportunity to improve his communication skills.

Jack was impressed too to discover that he could use Maths and formulas to work out the range of any projectile. Lewis said he came to realise "that you could work out the range theoretically; you don't have to actually do the experiment."

Jake said the judges were impressed with the extent of physics which had been applied to the project and "their use of a Yr. 12 projectile formulae."

All these students were interested in studying physics next year and were grateful for the support of their teacher Mr Borger who inspired and mentored them.