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Last updated 3:03 PM on 2 November 2015


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Preparing your child for the 2016 uniform.

In preparation for the 2016 school year at Corrimal High School, we would like to remind all parents and carers of the uniform requirements.


Corrimal High School is a "UNIFORM" school.  Parents, staff and students have previously decided that students who attend Corrimal High School are required to wear uniform.  Uniform is considered to be very important as it:


  • identifies you as a Corrimal High student
  • enhances the image of the school in the community
  • gives you a sense of pride
  • prevents competition between students based on clothing


If for any reason you are not able to wear correct uniform you must bring an explanatory note from your parent/caregiver. Give the note to your roll call teacher, who will give you a Uniform Pass for the day.


Your roll teacher will check uniform each day. Students not in correct uniform, WITHOUT a NOTE, must attend recess detention in the Detention Room for failing to follow uniform requirements.


Students arriving at school without correct school uniform may be provided with correct uniform from the uniform pool for the day. Repeated failure to wear uniform or to bring an explanatory note will be treated as continued disobedience under the discipline system. 


Parents/caregivers are reminded that if your family financial circumstances make the purchase of correct uniform difficult, you can approach the principal for possible assistance with uniform from the Student Assistance Scheme.