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Last updated 7:56 PM on 19 May 2016
H Hall in the AIME frame 

AIME Senior Program

Corrimal High students along with 65 other local Indigenous high schoolers from 20 schools came along to the Novotel for their very own Program Day.

We had a fantastic time at the Senior AIME Program over the past 2 Friday sessions. Students were introduced to and paired up with their Mentors (University Volunteers) and hit it off with them straight away.


Year 11 looked at goal setting for the next 3, 6 and 12 months thinking about the future. We also had fun pretending it was each of our 60th birthday's and writing a speech about the kind of lives that we want to live.

Year 12 planned for life after school and their dream pathways. Students also explored with their Mentors their own stories and how to share them with potential employers. A Job Fair was set up where they got to practice their stories and ask questions to people in the field. We were so impressed with their maturity and strong sense of motivation with their goals after school.

For Year 12s it was their final ever AIME session with a Graduation ceremony! Students received their certificates and typed up resumes to give out to employers. They also delivered Graduation speeches that made the AIME team cry with pride because of their powerful words!! We are incredibly proud of each student and know that they will go to incredible places in the future. They truly live out Indigenous Success!

All in all it was an incredible and fun two days!