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Last updated 9:59 AM on 24 February 2017
Some of the players during the event 
The Cougars Cup 

The first on many....

As part of a local area competition, Corrimal High School and Woonona High School students participated in the first annual Cougars Cup (League), coordinated by Mr Foster (CHS IT) and Mr Adams (CLC Representative). The day consisted of three matches (U14s, Girls League Tag and Mixed League Tag) refereed and MC'd by representative from Rugby League NSW. 

The first match saw the U14s Boys Team line up against a tough opposing squad but the boys were up for the challenge. Taking the kick off, the U14s team showed great signs of first half defence and blistering speed but time in possession favoured WHS pushing out to a solid lead by the end of half time. Some great breaks by J Court and a few tires by P Munro gave a boost to the team in the second half but unfortunately they fell short of the win. All U14s players were exceptional with other highlights including S Jores' solid defence throughout the game.

The second game started with a bang. CHS Opens Girl League Tag players showed great hustle to rush WHS from the first whistle, keeping on the offensive for the majority of the first half. The squad showed excellent skills on the field spreading the ball wide and striking at opportunities when they presented themselves. During the game, T Cooney showed her pace on many occasions and T Etherden (MVP) had an outstanding try in the second half assisting CHS to take the victory.

The Mixed League Tag had a mixture of boys and girls of differing age groups competing in the final match. Both the CHS and WHS squads showed great focus during the match pushing themselves each minute of the game. Some great defence by the entire squad and some blinding pace on the wings assisted CHS to take a second win.

With the second win, CHS came out ahead on the point differential and claimed victory of the overall day winning the first Cougars Cup. Representatives from Corrimal Leagues Club (CLC) and Rugby League NSW announced MVPs for each game, awarding prizes for their performance, and handed out the official Cougars Cup Trophy to take back to school.

A big congratulations to all players - you are all outstanding! A big congratulations to the coaches who gave up their time to train and attend the day, and thank you to all CHS spectators - you were awesome and made the day much more enjoyable!

A big thank you also needs to go to Rugby League NSW and CLC who donated awards, the use of the park, referees, gear and everything else that goes into the running of game of football. Finally, a huge thank you to event organisers and coordinators Mr Foster (TAS – IA) and Mr Adams (CLC Representative) who put together the day and the now annual event - without this student's may not get the chance to participate in local competitions or use such excellent facilities.