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Last updated 8:42 AM on 28 June 2013

On Tuesday the 18th June, the year 8 girls were lucky enough to take a ride to the Nan Tien Temple in Berkley fir a girl's day out. Lucky for us Mr Foster and Ms Cutsforth were also able to enjoy the amazing day with us. Once there, many year 8 girls from different schools all sat in a seated hall where the amazing Danielle Isdale talked to us about many interesting things where we got a chance to hear her amazing story. She used her life story to discuss important topics like respecting others and ourselves and to look out for the difference between unrealistic body images in the media and actual body image issues. We sat and listened to Danielle, or as people call her, Gorgeous, about her childhood and as we did we reflected on how we deal with our social interactions and beliefs. We had an amazing time. We thank Danielle, Mr Foster and Ms Cutsforth for the day, for encouraging us to be ourselves, to stand up for ourselves and others and to get along in a positive way.


 Kiara and Bridie at the workshop        Pheobe and Abby at the Workshop



Naomi Doodeman and Bernadeth Valentin


On Tuesday the 18th June, year 8 girls took part in an empowering women workshop that encouraged young girls to believe in themselves, to work on sorting out problems in a positive manner and to work on being all you can be and not trying to be someone else who appears in magazines. I do believe the girls got a lot out of the day and I thank them all for such a positive day. During the night of the 18th June, Corrimal High School hosted Danielle Isdale in a parent workshop aimed at highlighting some of the issues that the girls looked at during the day and some tips about encouraging a healthy body image. We had over 200 people in attendance. I would like to thank all people involved and everyone for coming along to such an amazing night.