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Last updated 11:43 AM on 24 May 2016
K Hickson - GIT Mentor

GIT Program in Action!

One of the biggest misconceptions in the STEM sphere is that it is "only for the boys". In fact, there are still a lot of women who, despite having an interest in technology, often do not pursue a technology career based on this presumption. Fortunately, at Corrimal High School, we know that this is not the case and we want to encourage all students to pursue a career that is fulfilling and of interest to them.

On the 17th May, former student, Kiah Hickson wished to show tech savvy girls that the field of technology was wide open for them if they were interest in pursuing it as a career. Kiah spoke to the girls about not only the importance of technology occupations but the various options available, ranging from web authoring and design to programming wearable LED fashion.

It is important for students to hear of people who have made successful lives for themselves based on hard work and drive. But to meet one of those people in real life and hear that person's story really highlights that it is possible to pursue your interests and be successful in any field.

During the session, Kiah led the Girls in Technology group through some tutorials around web design and coding, engaging the students not only with creative activities but also the simplicity behind accessing learning tools. Hopefully, Corrimal High School will have future technology experts, similar to Kiah, who share her passion and motivation.

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