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Corrimal High School is a comprehensive school that caters to a wide variety of student. These students come from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, all of which, we believe, are important to understand and celebrate. Harmony Day is intended to show togetherness and inclusion in Australia and promote a tolerant and culturally diverse society. While National Day of Action against Violence and Bullying is designed to strengthen the community's everyday message that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time.


On Friday the 21st The Year 9 Epic Committee, led by Jordan Foster, Kye Chamberlain, Kias Chalmers-Mulder, Oscar McFarlane and Cody Farrar, devised a way to celebrate and raise awareness of these two very important days. The first was a cupcake sale that incorporated tastes synonymous with several different nations. 350 cupcakes were baked and decorated by Year 9 Adviser Mr Joel Foster and Miss Liz Price on the 20th March 2014 for sale on the 21st March. Students and staff took to these cupcakes with great vigour.


Some of the cakes


The second way students showed their support was through a mufti day were students needed to wear clothing incorporating the colour orange (Both days colour) or wore their own cultural dress to school. Many thanks to all those who were involved and supported events and activities held to raise awareness of these two important days.


Advertisement for the days



Mr J Foster (Year 9 Adviser)

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