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Last updated 1:49 AM on 18 September 2014

Have you ever thought about a career in computer technology, website development, app design? How about engineering, personal health, science or journalism? If you have ever thought about any degree then perhaps Computer Technology at Corrimal High School is for you.


Corrimal high School offers a comprehensive syllabus that allows students the chance to study Information and Software Technology in Years 9-10 and Information and Digital Technology in Years 11-12. Both courses offer student a range of practical assignments and the know-how to use computer technology as part of the work force.


Currently speaking, computer technology is at the fore front of desired skills in the work force - almost all occupations, apprenticeships and traineeships and degrees at university or TAFE require the understanding and use of a range of computer technology skills to complete work, for example,


Biologists - who have subjects in and working knowledge of:

  • Database
  • Spreadsheets
  • Stats programs
    • SPSS
    • Primer
    • JMP
  • Expedata
  • Global Information System Software
  • Interactive Sound Analysis Software

Material Engineers - who have subjects in and working knowledge of:

  • Data Processing software
  • Programming
  • Graphical Modelling software

Aeronautical Engineers - who have subjects in and working knowledge of:

  • System analysis
  • Technology design
  • Computer hardware and software, including applications and programming
  • 2D and 3D Design

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Year 9 and 10 IST (pdf 298 KB) offers students the chance to build their own game through programming as well as design and create their on iOS or Android App, build working robotics, develop their own animations and 3D print projects, build a working database and network, produce a range of film and website materials as well as offer students the chance to visit work sites including game development industries and beyond.






Year 11 and 12 IDT (pdf 337 KB) offers students the chance to extend their practical knowledge and apply this to producing software and website solutions for real companies, develop and use social media such as YouTube content and refine skills with the flexibility of relating it to the area of interest of students, for example, completing work experience at industries such as Bluescope Steel, ADF and various other IT related industries.