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Last updated 9:34 PM on 2 April 2015

Computer technology is inherent in all work places and found in all facets of our lives, but do we really notice it in the real world? We see our updates on social media, we talk over the phone and we send hundreds of text messages over a week but what about the technology that is behind the scenes? 


Waiting in line to check out some of the rides


On the 2nd April 2015, Year 9 through to Year 12 Information Technology and Computer classes left on a bus to travel no more than one and a half hours to arrive at what some might consider the best IT excursion EVER. They arrived just at the opening of the gates at Sydney's new Wet ‘n' Wild to learn about IT while riding some awesome new rides at a brand new theme park. Students got to see firsthand just how much IT and other technologies are used and heavily relied upon in an area that most think relies on nothing more than screws, bolts, fittings and water. While this excursion doubled as a reward excursion for students in computer classes and students who had just finished their Year 12 half yearly examinations, I believe students got a new appreciation for the technology that is created and integrated to give them such enjoyment.


Fun on the Run


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