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Last updated 11:45 AM on 30 November 2016
Students arriving on the flight 

Students from the Stage 5 Marine and Aquaculture Technology Elective made the flight to Lady Elliot Island to conduct field work, investigations and to take in the amazing marine life that inhabits this small coral cay at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef.

No sooner had the plane touched down and it was time to hit the water, snorkelling in the lagoon is always a favourite with sharks and lagoon rays, with dozens of green turtles also on hand for a some one on one interaction, and even a ‘shell-scratch' or two.  The afternoon saw the students take to the western side of the island for diving and snorkelling.  With its deeper waters, coral ledges and bommies, this snorkelling site always provides exceptional marine life. It made for an unforgettable experience over the 3 days. Reef sharks, shovel-nose rays, parrot fish and Maori Wrasse were a few of the species that were spotted, however we all know what Lady Elliot is famous for: MANTA RAYS!


This year the students were lucky enough to have the experience of swimming with these majestic giants of the sea. Manta Rays aggregate at Lady Elliot Island in the winter months to feed on plankton and can span up to 7 metres, but despite their size and daunting looks they are harmless and possess a barbless tail. Over the 3 days there were many opportunities for the students to interact with these creatures, some coming within touching distance of the snorkelers as they cruised past, mouths wide open taking in their food. I'm sure that this part of the trip will be remembered by all involved for a very long time!  Truly a world- class experience. Also during their stay on the island, students completed research tasks and had talks with LEI staff and management as part of the program. Night snorkelling, night stalks, and some friendly beach volleyball  were some of the other activities that were packed into the 3 days. I'm sure some of the students would also speak highly of the buffet restaurant and milkshake bar which kept our waterlogged students overly nourished for our stay.


Congratulations must go to the students who approached all activities with enthusiasm.  Their conduct and manners were of the highest standard and as staff we were constantly complimented on the behaviour these students and the positive reflection it had on the Corrimal High School.