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Last updated 2:41 PM on 24 August 2017

Leaving a Legacy

On Thursday 3rd August,  Madeleine Devitt and Brandi Uppaphong represented our school in the very prestigious Legacy Public Speaking Competition. They competed at Woonona High School in the zone final and despite being in Year 7 they were up against students as old as Year 10 and they represented their school with great pride. The girls put on an impressive show with a 5 minute prepared speech on interesting topics such as bycatch and the value of bees. Then their impromptu speech was ‘Turn On The Light' and they were given 5 minutes to prepare a 2 minute speech and they both spoke passionately and maturely about turning the light on issues as important as poverty and the proliferation of multinational corporations. Well done girls. I was immensely proud of you and look forward to seeing you grow as public speakers in the future.