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Last updated 11:01 AM on 1 March 2018

Corrimal High was fortunate to have Andrew "Fishtail" Fisher visit us recently to conduct his Life Choices seminar. Andrew is not just a successful race driver but he has had a successful business career. He shared how he walked away from the height of his career as CEO of a public company and the significant salary that went with it so he could volunteer his time speaking in high schools, gaols and detention centres across the country. 

"Fishtail" has won lots of races but more importantly he inspires others to take control of their lives and to make courageous decisions in the face of difficulty – in areas as diverse as relationships, self-image, social media, self-control, road safety and beliefs. 

Andrew nursed some racing injuries when he spoke at our school and had been in hospital earlier in the week, having crashed into a concrete barricade at high speed after his car experienced mechanical failure. He reminded us that we never really know what life may throw our way and encouraged us to be intentionally courageous. 

"Fishtail" even brought his XYGT along to school, giving the students an opportunity to look under the hood and block their ears as he revved up the engine. Andrew inspired us with the Jesus Racing mantra – PASSION for life, live for a PURPOSE and live LIFE to the full.

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