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Last updated 10:02 AM on 24 February 2017
The trainers! 
Setup and Introductions 

An opportunity to get involved...

As part of an initiative to engage students in more than just the playing aspects of sport, and keeping active, Mr J Foster organised an opportunity for students to gain their Rugby League Coaching and Refereeing qualification through NRL NSW and the Dragon's Community Team. On the 11th November, students completed their first round accreditation. This involved acting as referees and coaches for the Brokers Region Dragon Tag Gala Day which required 7-8 games of refereeing/coaching primary school students and the assistance during the Remembrance Day Commemoration. 


Mr Foster, primary teaching staff and PlayNRL Dragons Community team member, Luke, were extremely impressed with all students involved. All received high praise for their leadership, professionalism, refereeing/coaching abilities and support afford to the young players. Students involved in the program will continue their qualification next year and will be involved in refereeing/coaching further Dragon Tag and tackle rugby matches.