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Last updated 4:25 PM on 15 August 2013

NAIDOC is a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and an opportunity to recognise the contributions of Indigenous Australians in various fields. NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee and has been a national significant day for several decades. Activities take place across the nation during NAIDOC Week in the first full week of July. All Australians are encouraged to participate.


As Corrimal High School staff and students are on break during NAIDOC week the school's Aboriginal Community and Parent Engagement Liaison organises activities for students and staff involvement during week 8 of term 3. This has been the case for the last four years with previous years creating several pieces of artwork, a bush tucker garden and many cultural exploration days organised in partnership between the school and Aboriginal community members.


This year is a big year for NAIDOC which proudly celebrated the 50th anniversary of the presentation of the Yirrkala Bark Petitions to the Federal Parliament. Corrimal High School will be doing the same with many activities running throughout week 8 in honour of NAIDOC.


The week will include talks from Mr Monty ‘Boori' Pryor, a close school friend and amazing author. He will be running a session on Thursday 5th September with year 7 students. Students will also get to participate in a range of traditional games and activities. There will be Indigenous food and prizes throughout the week, in particular, there will be a whole school QR code scavenger hunt based on this year's NAIDOC theme with the winner receiving an iPad!!!


Corrimal High School students make sure you download a free QR reader to get involved and see Mr Foster for more details. A big thank you to all the year 8 committee students who have assisted in the organisation of this fantastic week.