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Last updated 7:44 PM on 28 June 2017
The team! 

So very proud!

On Friday the 16th June, our school hosted the Premier's Debating Challenge for our zone. Keira, Albion Park and Bowral attended for a day of rigorous debating. We debated three times.


In our first debate we were defeated by Keira on the topic ‘That contact sports should be banned for under 18s' but I was amazed at the general knowledge of our team as they came up with many examples of contact sports and accidents. Next we debated Albion Park on the very difficult topic ‘That single sex schools should be banned' and finally we debated Bowral with the sophisticated argument ‘That we should stop celebrating Australia Day'.


In this very difficult debate we were declared winners. I would like to congratulate the team. They were absolutely outstanding. It is a Year 10 competition yet our team consisted of 4 year 9 students and Maddi who is actually in Year 8! So well done team. You worked together so well and your arguments were strong all day. These students were an absolute credit to our school. Bring on next year!


I would also like to thank the delightful students who elected to be part of the day and help out with chairperson, timekeeping and hosting duties – Tiarne Edwards, Sarah Logan, Ruby-lee Paterson, and Georgia Bird. If you have an interest in debating or public speaking please see me. Next term we have the annual South Coast Public Speaking Competition coming up and I would love to field a full team. So, get involved!