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Last updated 1:35 PM on 29 February 2012

The first P&C meeting for the year was held February 13th with 9 people in attendance.


Those attending heard from the Principal about school numbers, the school's focus on Respect Responsibility and Attendance and the improvement in uniform.


Also discussed at the meeting were ideas for fundraising. Two ideas were sponsorship for advertising in the school's newsletter and P&C running a fund-raising BBQ at Bunning's on Sunday March 4th.


Other areas of discussion included school signage, the possibility of students ID as a fundraiser, the need for more students willing to donate blood and teaching positions currently vacant at the school.


Special Guest speaker was Acting Head Teacher PE / Sport Skye Hassett. Skye spoke about students Regional Representatives Oscar Corby (Cricket) and Emel Ozer (Singing). Both are to be awarded $50 by the P&C.


P&C minutes are available below.


All warmly welcome to attend the next meeting 5th March 2012 which will also be the AGM. Come, meet the Principal and find out how you can become involved and a support to your students' school experience.


CHS P and C 13 March 2012 (pdf, 151 KB)