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Last updated 12:53 AM on 29 May 2015

Reconciliation week is a highly significant period of time for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous persons alike. True reconciliation is an important goal to achieve and involves not just accepting difference but acknowledging history and moving forward to ensure harmonious and equal relations in the future for all people without discrimination or exclusion. On the 28th May 2015, four student representative, Kiara Fensom (Year 10, Makenzie McMullen (Year 11), Maddison Osborne (Year 11) and Ryan Foster (Year 12), accompanied by the Principal attended a Reconciliation Morning Tea along with representatives from other school throughout the Northern Illawarra region. The morning tea encouraged students to reflect on the concept of reconciliation and work towards achieve true reconciliation at school and the work place.


Students in attendance at the Reconciliation Lunch


Guest speakers gave some inspiring advice to assist students build a positive self-esteem and encourage a ‘always positive' mentality in the hopes that this will assist achieve personal, local and national efforts around the idea of reconciliation. Reconciliation week serves a reminder of two major events – the May 27th Anniversary of the 1967 referendum recognising Indigenous Australians in the national census and the June 3rd Anniversary of the 1992 High Court Mabo decision expelling the notion of terra nullius. Students are encouraged to reflect on reconciliation in the school and work towards a day where equality is not a debatable issue but a certainty afforded to all.