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Last updated 3:18 PM on 1 June 2016
On the Way 
Vocal Ensemble performing 

As part of the community, Corrimal High School actively recognises and supports its students. Not just their academic performance or sporting achievements but their background, culture, heritage and everything that makes our students who they are. In recognition to this, Corrimal High School was actively involved in the 2016 Reconciliation Week.

Reconciliation Week celebrates the bonds between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Australia and aims to strengthen the relationships and respect between people of all cultures. This year's theme was "Our History, Our Story, Our Future" and particularly highlights the significant dates that begin and conclude Reconciliation Week each year. The week begins on the 27th of May, on the anniversary of the 1967 referendum which saw over 90% of the recognise population vote to give the Commonwealth the power to make laws for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and recognise them in the national census. The week concludes on the 3rd of June, which marks the landmark High Court decision in the Mabo case which overturned the notion of terra nullius and recognised the significant relationship between Aboriginal people and the land.


This year Corrimal High School students attended the Reconciliation Luncheon held and the Novotel Wollongong and also participated in the local ‘Walk for Reconciliation' which culminated in over 200 participants from local schools, Government bodies and non-Government organisations. Corrimal High School students walked proudly with their friends and other individuals from a wide and diverse background. The walk ended with a range of acknowledgements and performances, including an outstanding and well-received musical item performed by Mr Heugh and the vocal ensemble.