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Last updated 9:13 PM on 27 April 2015

On Wednesday the 22 April, Rostrum NSW held a regional final of the Rostrum Voice Of Youth Public Speaking competition and I am very pleased to say Corrimal had a strong entrant.  Jack Chalmers-Mulder represented our school in the senior section of the event which was held at Smiths Hill High School. Jack presented an engaging and thoughtful speech on the issue of ‘Friend or Foe' and using his extensive general knowledge he discussed the nature of humanity and what makes some people evil. It was very entertaining and although not the winning speech, I know that Jack very much impressed the judges. And most importantly, Jack was yet again an exceptional ambassador for our school.


All students should remember to visit me in the English staff room if they have an interest in public speaking as there will be further opportunities.


Ms Mahon