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Last updated 4:03 PM on 27 March 2016
Safe Driving 
Driving Safe 

Putting the spotlight on the driver's seat to ensure student well-being out of the classroom.

As part of the schools commitment to the welfare of CHS students Year Advisers will engage in extra-curricular activities to further extend student knowledge and promote safety. On Thursday 24th March all of Year 11 participated in Part 1 of the Safe Driver Initiative organised by their Year Adviser, Mr. Joel Foster. Part 1 involved students listening to a presentation by a PCYC representative and discussion around the five biggest causes of accidents on the road – fatigue, speed, drink driving, distractions and mobile phone distractions.


Students also got to speak to an individual who had an acquired brain injury due to being stuck by a car more than a decade ago. His recount of what his life was like (semi-professional soccer player selected for national representation) and the effect on his life after the accident (learning to speak and walk again) spoke directly to students about being safe while on the road. He showed and spoke about his continued struggle to do everyday tasks which highlighted the impact that an accident can have not only on the person involved but on family, friends, finances, travel and other areas of interest to students.


The next part of the initiative will see all students who completed Part 1 gain hands on safety instruction and lessons.