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Last updated 8:30 AM on 29 June 2017
The girls in action 

Making a change for a brighter future

As part of an initiative to highlight the need for change and encourage young female students to consider STEM career pathways, local high schools participated in a Young Change Agent workshop/competition called Social Change through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) .Teams of stage 5 girls developed a pitch that would solve a global social issue utilising STEM and business principles. The Corrimal High School team of Macey Fensom, Tameryn Burchell, Athitta (Dear) Winitsinthu, Stephanie Walford and Vicky Phu received the winning judgement for their Green Straw concept.


On the final day, the teams had to present their ideas to a panel of judges. As the judges said:

– "I was blown away by the quality of the pitches and enjoyed the process immensely." "These girls will be across Forbes magazine in the next few years." "The creativity and teamwork shown by these girls is incredible." "If this is what a group of passionate and dedicated students can achieve in three days, what will they achieve in three years?"


The initiative highlighted how STEM can be used to engage and make real changes. The Corrimal High School team will now participate in a "think-tank" in the holidays and the second stage of the competition in September.


Mr J Foster

Initiative Coordinator