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Last updated 2:43 PM on 24 August 2017

Speaking up a storm

On the evening of August 22, Holy Spirit College held the annual South Coast Public Speaking Competition and this year saw us have a record field of 9 speakers.  Unfortunately last minute illness meant the lovely Madeline Devitt was unable to compete for us, but the remaining team of Pirerangi Chase, Brandi Uppaphong, Steph Walford, Alliyah Sybell, Natalina Liberti, Tameryn Burchell, Maddison Lloyd and Vanessa Marcelo did an outstanding job of representing our school. They spoke impressively and were excellent ambassadors. I am delighted to report that Brandi placed third in her Year 7 category, an outstanding achievement. Well done team and I hope you are all keen to go again next year.