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Last updated 6:20 PM on 25 July 2014

One of the most important facets of Corrimal High School is our dedication to our students and their education. What separates us from other schools is our focus not only instilling these education values but also educating about life choices and barriers students may face. Year 9 is committed to following the schools Anti-Bullying scope and sequence set out for all students and have, over the 24th and 25th of July, participated in the semester two module on young parenthood.


Talking Realities 2014


Barnardos, an independent body that tours NSW to educate about many of the social issues in today's modern world, presented an amazing three part seminar that discuss many of the hardships faced by many young parents. Students got to speak to four young mothers who fell pregnant towards the end of their schooling and hear their stories about what is involved in a normal day for a young parent, the amount of time that goes into rearing a child compared to that which is available for relaxation and the crucial need for budgeting due to the cost of raising a young child.


Talking Realities 2014


Year 9 students also got to participate in some activities including see how they would perform trying to get on a bus while holding on to a doll to the weight of a newborn, grabbing a daypack, ‘pull down' a pram and getting a wallet out to pay for bus fare in a timely manner and also learning about the brain development of a newborn to a toddler. The presenters also had time to answer student questions such as "is life harder given that you had to leave school before completion". The simple answer, according to the presenters, was "Exceptionally. Many of the benefits that come with an education and the job opportunities afterwards are lost and it is harder to do anything".