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Last updated 9:05 PM on 13 September 2016
Participating students and their teacher 

Driving local innovation for student achievement!!!

The importance regarding a student's understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been made very clear over the last several years. In particular, there is a vast need for physical computing and programming skills among new employees in jobs such as engineering, chemistry and even teaching. Corrimal High School is driving innovation in the curriculum to ensure our students get the opportunity to develop and apply these skills.

On the 18th August, seven of our students got to demonstrate just how their coding skills are developing by acting as mentors to primary school students. The Primary school students were also learning about coding and physical computing and participating in an inter-school competition. Zac, Lochie, Nicholas, Rocco, Dear, Vanessa and Suzanne showed great ability to not only demonstrate their coding skills but also received high praise from their Technology teacher for their ability to instruct and assist the primary school students.