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Last updated 10:42 AM on 25 November 2013

One of the many great tasks that a Year Adviser takes on when they become a Year Adviser is to look at some of the many amazing students that we have in our year group and the positive things they have done throughout the year. This year I found not just some amazing students but tonne of them – students who had represented the school at many events, students who have had positive behaviour throughout the year and students who always strive to achieve their best. Because there were just so many students it was decided to offer a reward excursion for the end of the year. On the 22nd November 2013 we did just that. Year 7 and Year 8 caught a bus to Appin Laser Skirmish and after a ‘long' drive of anticipation we made it and thankfully the rain did not follow. Students behaved phenomenally well, partook in all activities and listened carefully to all of the referees rules and calls over the day.


Year 7   Year 8



The students, and their Year Advisers, got to play four different levels each requiring different skills and students on the day showed excellent leadership and teamwork skills to complete their objectives and have fun along the way. The students may have particularly had fun on the last level of the day where both Mr Foster (Year 8 Adviser) and Mr Jacques (Year 7 Adviser) had to try and make it back through the bushland tracks to home base through 41 other students whose only objective was to win.


All geared up



Well done to all students for being outstandingly awesome.


Mr J Foster