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Last updated 2:03 PM on 3 August 2017
The uniform on display 

All students in NSW governments schools to follow the school uniform policy.

 For Corrimal High School this means wearing with pride our school uniform (or sports uniform if students have a PDHPE practical lesson or on a Wednesday sports day). There is also a Work Health and Safety requirement that students wear black leather covered shoes for their protection. The school community has decided that Corrimal High School is a school uniform school. The consistent wearing of correct school uniform is also an important employment related skill.

Please support the school and your students by ensuring that they come to school suitably dressed in school uniform, including correct shoes. Our uniform can be purchased from our school office or from Poppets Direct, Montague Street Fairy Meadow. If you require assistance meeting the cost of the uniform, please contact the school. We also have a second-hand uniform pool at the school. Any families that have uniforms at home that are no longer needed please feel free to drop them into the front office. This would be greatly appreciated.

If a student is not in correct school uniform parents should provide a note explaining the reason. Students who are not in correct school uniform and do not provide a note can expect to be placed on Room 6 detention. They may also be required to use correct uniform provided from the uniform pool for the day. Consistent failure to wear correct school uniform will be treated as persistent disobedience under the school's behaviour code.

The following articles of clothing are not acceptable: track pants (except sports day), jeans, bike pants, board shorts, leggings/tights, clothing with conspicuous or inappropriate logos e.g. large writing or inappropriate messages on caps or excessive amounts of jewellery.