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Last updated 9:28 AM on 16 June 2016
IDMT Extenstion students 
Senior Cupcake Decoration 

The Technical and Applied Sciences Faculty consists of three main areas – Home Economics, Technology and Industrial Arts. Each area works together to produce engaging practical and academic content that can then be applied to real-world applications and skill-building.


Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology students have been working, in conjunction with the IT Coordinator, Mr J Foster, to optimise two laptop sets that have been acquired for student use. Students involved installed all required software and enhanced all currently housed hardware to ensure optimum performance for students. The laptops are part of an initiative at Corrimal High School to support student use of ICTs in the classroom. Students have also been involved in a Technology extension class to further develop their problem-solving skills and practical application in group projects.


Year 11 IDMT Extension studentsSenior IDMT and M&E students


Year 11 and 12 Metal and Engineering students have been working on building three school laptop trolleys. Students involved have had the chance to prototype designs before settling on the best design for the purpose – lightweight and robust.


The  new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classes have seen students working on a range of practical tasks including the construction of hydraulic arms and mouse-trap cars. Students utilise a limited set of resources to produce the best option to build upon critical and creative thinking processes. On top of this, a new touch screen laptop set and trolley has been developed by the Information, Digital Media and Technology and Metal and Engineering classes for use in CAD design.


Students in the Information and Software Technology classes have been developing their Physical Programming and Logical skills in their current 3D Modelling module. Students have been working to produce a minor USB project (designing and engineering a 3D model and 3D print). From here students will apply their skills to develop a new or innovative product in any industry area other than technology. Some ideas have already involved nursing, construction and camping.


STEM students  IST Students


Construction Pathways students have been developing their building and manual skills in the Brick and Block development area. Students have been practicing building brick retaining walls and other brick structures. These skills will then be transferred to projects around the school and at work placement.


Construction students


On Wed 8th June our Year 11 Exploring Early Childhood, Year 11 Hospitality and Year 12 Hospitality were involved in a cupcake making day. During the day the students created three set designs (a caterpillar, pigs in mud and bumble bees) and then they had three they could decorate as they liked (using the piping bags, gels and other decorations). All students had fun, learnt lots of new skills and went home with some creative designs.


During this term the Year 11 Exploring Early Child Class have been doing a unit focusing on pregnancy and childbirth. To experience what it feels like to be pregnant the students have been trying out the Pregnancy Belly in class. The students get to experience what it would feel like to be about 8 months pregnant. Lachlan loved putting on the belly.


Cupcake designs  Baby Bump Experience