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Last updated 10:32 PM on 27 February 2015

Great leaders are not born, they evolve and transform over their lives as they see, learn and develop. As a Year Adviser you get to see some of the awesome qualities that students possess and the potential they have to be all they can be. On the 25th of February, 14 students began their journey to Booderee National Park for a three day camp. These students all volunteered to complete a leadership camp to assist in developing their own personal skills, as well as the skills needed to become mentors for younger students as they start out in high school. Students thought long and hard about how they felt starting at a new school in Year 7 and some of the issues they had to overcome. Using these past experiences, students then developed ways to assist new Year 7 students.


Camp setup    Learning about leadership


But it was not all pen and paper. Leaders need to be involved in their world, there environment and other people. With this is mind, students to participate a wide range of activities, including a 6Km hike through one of NSW's only joined Government and Aboriginal Community held National Parks, several games of beach ultimate Frisbee and swimming and a trivia challenge to see how much students paid attention to teacher clues throughout the camp. Students were even paid a few visits from local wildlife including local birds, kangaroos, wallaby's and the, campers favourite, ring-tailed possums. Students were also careful to show good leadership qualities to avoid clean-up duty, an honour postponed upon the student who showed the ‘poorest form' over the day.


  Fun and games    More fun and games  


Students definitely showed great development and learning of new skills throughout the camp and this will hopefully be another Year 10 Epic Committee project for the whole Year 10 later this year.


Future Leaders