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Last updated 7:01 PM on 9 March 2015

It is difficult growing up. You need to attend school, possibly take on part-time employment, complete all homework and assessment tasks and somehow manage to have a safe social life. But unfortunate circumstances can still happen and life can become very difficult. As such, it is crucial for us to know what to do and who we can talk to about it. It is also just as important for us to know how to avoid and minimise risky behaviour that might allow our circumstance to change from good to bad.


Students enjoying the Party Safe day     Students participating in activities on the day


With this is mind, Corrimal High School believes it is highly important to educate students in these matters to assist with social development and awareness. As part of the Year 10 overarching curriculum, Year 10 students participated in a Party Safe, Live Safe program specially designed for their age group, which linked to the Leadership Camp in February this year. On Monday 9th March, students travelled to Bellambi Surf Club and were able to develop their personal understanding on their transition from a social youngster to a young adult. Students participated in peer development activities to encourage wider understanding of other, listened to drug and alcohol and sexual health information, used inebriated goggles and a pregnancy suit to get hands-on experience of the effects of both and went through training in healthy eating and physical training. 


 Students using the drunk goggles   Reflections  


This event was organised in the hopes of educating our young adults in not only how to minimise risky behaviour but also to help them to develop their understanding and knowledge about ways to party and live safe and how to assist friends in order to make safe decisions and encourage less aware students to do so as well.


Mr J Foster (Year 10 Adviser)

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