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Last updated 3:40 PM on 2 November 2016
Enrichment Projects 2016 

Congratulations to 7 Blue on their outstanding special interest projects and their impressive range of challenging topics, such as body image, tsunamis and crime.

Thank you to all the parents who attended and special thanks to Mr Jacques and the SRC judges from Year 10 – Zac James, Declan Weir-Nash, Vanessa Marcelo, Jack McLennan and Brittany Zulian. Students are judged on a number of categories and the awards included:


  • First place and the best display: Gemma Shepherd and Georgia Bird: Epilepsy
  • Second place and most creative: Sarah Logan and Rianan Mitchell: Child Abuse
  • Third place and the most informative: Maddison Lloyd and Chloe Meades: Domestic Violence
  • Fourth place and the best use of technology: Finley Dignam and Tiarne Edwards: Online Safety
  • The People's Choice award and the best dressed person in character: Ruby-lee Paterson and Tayla Shuttleworth: Gender in the Olympics
  • Most unique: Alyssa Meizer-Tome and Ella Ruffley: Adoption and Nikolaus Cascio and Nhickkos Valentin: Hemp


Parent comments about the projects included:

"I am amazed at the attention to detail; the effort and work is incredible."

"This is a great way for the students to think outside the box."

"You could see that a lot of research was done by everyone and the topics were extremely interesting and mature."


Student comments about their projects included:

"You need to really focus and put all your effort into it to get a good result."

"You need to communicate and work as a team."

"You need to be really prepared and organised and check multiple websites to get the information you need."


Ms Cutsforth