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Last updated 11:50 PM on 17 October 2014

Year 9 is a truly amazing year cohort. Students regularly participate in not only enhancing their academic studies but also get involved in many extracurricular activities, for example, running sports events with local primary schools, organising awareness days for cultural diversity and harmony as well as running environmental programs. That's just some of the projects they are involved in while at school and does not include their out of school commitments to local sports teams and employers.


Due to these outstanding efforts and achievements a special rewards excursion was organised by their Year Adviser with the aim to recognise students with exemplary behaviour, leadership and overall scholastic success in 2014. But where do you take a group of Year 9 students as a reward? The answer is simple Hangtime and Bubble Soccer!


On Friday 17th October students made their way (a little slower than expected due to train transport delays) to Eight Fox Avenue Sport Centre to have a session of bubble soccer – a game of soccer with a slight twist, everyone was inside their own air bubble. Students received instruction and were given the ‘rules' and then got stuck in to it with teams completing each other in 5 minute rounds – although it did seem that students were more interested in bumping into one another than actually playing soccer.


Bubble Soccer



After that, students made their way to Hangtime were a round of trampoline dodgeball got underway and the daring acrobatics of many students were performed. Much of this was caught on film and can be found on the Year 9 website at www.epiccommittee.weebly.com.






Students should be commended for not only their efforts during the year but also their excellent behaviour during the rewards excursion. Well done Year 9!!! Now I must try to come up with another place for the Year 10 reward excursion.

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