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Last updated 9:05 AM on 24 March 2014

On the 10th of March seven students began their journey to Jervis Bay for a three day camp. These students were 7 of 8 students that handed in their notes for the Boys Swim and Surf Safe Day late last year and were being rewarded with the camp as the day's activities did not run due to a lack of numbers. The seven students – Kye Chamberlain, Kias Chalmers-Mulder, Jordan Foster, Tristan Winter-Andrews, Joshua Reed, Brad Meades and Jye Plumb – were keen to start the camp which was targeted at developing leadership skills and self-reliance skills.


Air mattress duties   On the treck


While at the start the students struggled a little with coming to terms with them being in charge of their accommodation – taking a little bit longer than normal to set up the tents and air mattresses – they soon settled in taking charge of kitchen duties and a range of other skills. While on camp the students went on several hikes – including a 12Km hike – taking them around the local bushlands to explore hidden treasures such as Trig Point, Coomies Track and a local ship wreck. Students were lead in exploration of local Aboriginal culture including first hand bushtucker tasting and learning about significant sites. Students also got to learn about Australia plant and wildlife, led by the amazing Liz Price, and found out some of the mechanisms that nature uses to survive. Students also participated in many activities including a ‘get of clean up duty' scavenger hunt which required students to solve a range of cryptic clues and perform a range of tasks to win.


Hidden Gems    Group Shot


Students definitely showed great development and learning of new skills throughout the camp and this will hopefully be another Year 9 Epic Committee project for the whole year 9 later this year.


One of the challenges


Mr J Foster (Year 9 Adviser)