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Uniform and Shoes

Uniform 2017

Uniform 2017 Please support our school's uniform policy by purchasing plain all black leather or suede shoes for 2017. Multi purpose black leather sports shoes are preferred. We now have a full uniform shop at school, with EFTPOS facilities. The girls tunic is a new uniform option for 2017.... Read more


Stop Work Meeting

A message from Mr M King I have been advised by the New South Wales Teachers Federation that a one (1) hour stop work meeting of teaching staff is occurring this Thursday 8 December from 8.45-9.45 am. Because of this stop work there will be minimal supervision arrangements at Corrimal High School for students between these times. Full teaching will resume at the start of period 2 (9.50 am) after an assembly.... Read more

On the big stage

Carols in Corrimal 2016

Christmas can be a fun time to celebrate with the family and catch up with friends. And there is nothing quite like a Community Christmas Carols event to start the fun and celebrations before Santa arrives. Corrimal High School students and staff were of the same opinion and participated in the first Carols in Corrimal event on Friday 2nd December at Ziems Park. Talented, young students from Bellambi Public School, Corrimal Public School, Corrimal East Public School, Tarrawanna Public School, Towradgi Public School and Corrimal High School... Read more

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Carols in Corrimal 2016

Carols in Corrimal 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Christmas can be a fun time to celebrate with the family and catch up with friends. And there is nothing quite like a Community Christmas Carols event to start the fun and celebrations before Santa arrives. With that in mind, the Corrimal Community of Schools are organising a Corrimal Community Carols event and everybody is invited. Come see talented, young students from Bellambi Public School, Corrimal Public School, Corrimal East Public School, Tarrawanna Public School, Towradgi Public School... Read more

Students during the Mercury Interview

Stand Up!!!

Stand up to Cyber-Bullying! CHS students in years 7-10 participated in the Telstra RockIT initiative promoting safety online and speaking up against cyberbullying. Check out the full story here.... Read more

Students arriving on the flight

Lady Elliot Island

Students from the Stage 5 Marine and Aquaculture Technology Elective made the flight to Lady Elliot Island to conduct field work, investigations and to take in the amazing marine life that inhabits this small coral cay at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. No sooner had the plane touched down and it was time to hit the water, snorkelling in the lagoon is always a favourite with sharks and lagoon rays, with dozens of green turtles also on hand for a some one on one interaction, and even a ‘shell-scratch' or two. The afternoon saw the... Read more

A Connolly

A Focus on Success

The inaugural Deadly Encouragement Awards organised by the NIAECG, recognised students and staff for their achievements in school. This year Corrimal High School had a range of students recognised include V Dargin for improved attendance and involvement at school, A Connolly for his Dedication to completing personal and educational goals, representing the school in both sport and leadership and all of our Year 12 students. Mr Joel Foster (Teacher) was also awarded the Victor Chapman Award for his contribution and dedication to Aboriginal... Read more

The jury

CHS Young Citizen's Jury

Creating active citizens... To celebrate Children's Week, the Advocate for Children and Young people, Andrew Johnson, has hosted a series of young citizen's juries throughout NSW, including at Corrimal High School. The role of the Advocate is to listen to children and young people and ensure they have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. The issue for discussion at the young citizen's juries will be childhood obesity; and in particular whether the sale of sugary drinks should be banned in schools and at sporting venues. The juries... Read more

Year 9 Camp

Year 9 Camp

And what a trip it was... On Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October twenty one Year 9 students attended the end of year camp at Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre. After a three hour train ride and 20 minute ferry down the Hawkesbury River the students arrived at camp, were placed into their dorm rooms and met Jen, their camp guide for the week. Despite persistent drizzling rain the students participated in archery with a number of students showing a keen eye and steady hand. The weather began to improve as the students split... Read more

Enrichment Projects 2016

Year 7 Blue Special Interest Projects

Congratulations to 7 Blue on their outstanding special interest projects and their impressive range of challenging topics, such as body image, tsunamis and crime. Thank you to all the parents who attended and special thanks to Mr Jacques and the SRC judges from Year 10 – Zac James, Declan Weir-Nash, Vanessa Marcelo, Jack McLennan and Brittany Zulian. Students are judged on a number of categories and the awards included: First place and the best display: Gemma Shepherd and Georgia Bird: Epilepsy Second place and most creative: Sarah Logan and... Read more

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2017 Resource Allocation Model funding

In October 2016, all NSW public schools will receive a 2017 Planned School Budget Allocation Report. The report will assist with the management of the total budget delivered to schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM). The Resource Allocation Model (RAM) methodology distributes funding based on the individual needs of students and schools. This gives schools greater flexibility to make local decisions. Learn more about the 2017 funding by visiting the Department's website. Watch a short animation about the important role of the RAM... Read more

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Participating students and their teacher

The Future Written in Code

Driving local innovation for student achievement!!! The importance regarding a student's understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been made very clear over the last several years. In particular, there is a vast need for physical computing and programming skills among new employees in jobs such as engineering, chemistry and even teaching. Corrimal High School is driving innovation in the curriculum to ensure our students get the opportunity to develop and apply these skills. On the 18th August, seven of our students... Read more

Students building

Practical Science

Practical Science - Out and About Year 9 Science 1 students have had the opportunity to investigate alternative energy sources throughout term 3. Students applied key physical principles to make a working model of a solar car that not only demonstrated the practical application of Science but also developed an understanding for renewable sources of energy. On Thursday 8th September, we put the cars through their paces. All models worked with varying success. Congratulations to all.... Read more

F1 in School (TM)

F1 in Schools Regional FInalists

For the Win!!! Corrimal is proud to announce its successful entry to participate in the F1 in Schools™ program as one of three regional finalists. F1 in Schools inspires students to collaborate on a team project to learn about science, mathematics and engineering principles such as physics, aerodynamics, design and manufacture. Students also extend their technology skills learning about technological CNC design, 3D modelling, 3D printing and media skills. Students also build upon their leadership/teamwork and project management skills, and... Read more

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UOW Science and Engineering Challenge participants

UOW Science and Engineering Challenge

STEM skills on display at Corrimal High School On Wednesday 27 July 2016, Year 9 and 10 students from Corrimal High's STEM class competed in the Illawarra and South East Region University of Wollongong Science and Engineering challenge. The challenge saw students from local high schools working in groups compete across eight different science and engineering challenges. The Corrimal High School STEM Teacher's Mr Mulder and Mr Wong, said the students showed strong problem solving abilities and persistence when faced with new challenges. Other... Read more

CHS representatives

Public Speaking Success!

Representing CHS on the floor. On Tuesday 16 August I was fortunate enough to take four of our fabulous students to the annual South Coast Public Speaking competition held at Holy Spirit College. Our students were Shahne Hocking of Year 11, Vicky Phu and Alliyah Sybell of Year 8 and Maddison Lloyd of Year 7. Congratulations to Shahne who showed exceptional leadership skills as our senior student on the night and prepared a careful and thoughtful speech on some of the biggest problems facing the world today including terrorism, discrimination... Read more

Monty Boori Pryor mid-performance

Story Time

It has been shown that students who read more have better creativity, a larger vocabulary and more sophisticated writing. Who would have thought that it can also be so much fun!!! On the 11th of August, award winning author, Mr Monty Boori Pryor, proved everybody wrong as he spent time with Year 7 students telling tales and jokes engaging his audience. Boori encourages students to take up the pen and write as it can be one of the most powerful tools that people have. A tool not only used to entertain but also to pass important messages.... Read more

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Cows Create Careers

Calves to Shine a Light on Dairy Careers

CHS Agriculture depart Calves are arriving on Monday 1st August The Cows Create Careers Farm module is an innovative Dairy Australia and Regional Development program that introduces students to the Australian dairy industry and helps promote the many career opportunities on offer. Students will take responsibility for the care and maintenance of the calves diet and general health. This will improve the student's awareness of the importance of the dairy industry.... Read more

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CHS Representatives

Sports Report Term 2

Congratulations to our South Coast Regional Cross Country Partcipants 2016 Ruby-lee Patterson, Ethan Hughes and Erin Grimshaw for their outstanding performance during the day. 2016 Corrimal High Athletics Age Champions Congratulations to our School Athletics Age Champions Age Boy Girl 12 Years Jayden Tarlinton Finley Dignam 13 Years Brendon Tiere Georgia Bird 14 Years Lewis Grimshaw Chiahni Zulian 15 Years Nathan Trebel Amymay O'Gorman 16 Years Mawutu Makatia Tasmine Lown 17 + Years Kyle... Read more

IDMT Extenstion students

What’s Happening Around the Block

The Technical and Applied Sciences Faculty consists of three main areas – Home Economics, Technology and Industrial Arts. Each area works together to produce engaging practical and academic content that can then be applied to real-world applications and skill-building. Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology students have been working, in conjunction with the IT Coordinator, Mr J Foster, to optimise two laptop sets that have been acquired for student use. Students involved installed all required software and enhanced all currently... Read more

Billie Valentin

SRC Conference

"YOU'RE THE VOICE" During Week 4 (16 May to 20 May), I was at the SRC conference with over 100 other students from NSW Student Representative Councils. I had the chance to meet new people from different schools. I had a lot of fun doing all the activities that they prepared for us, such as the energizers which is like an exercise in the morning, the Amazing Race is where we had to go eight stations to do different things such as charades, answering riddles and a hula hoop challenge. The orienteering took place at night with a map to find 10... Read more

On the Way

Reconciliation Week 2016

As part of the community, Corrimal High School actively recognises and supports its students. Not just their academic performance or sporting achievements but their background, culture, heritage and everything that makes our students who they are. In recognition to this, Corrimal High School was actively involved in the 2016 Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation Week celebrates the bonds between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of Australia and aims to strengthen the relationships and respect between people of all cultures. This year's theme... Read more

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K Hickson - GIT Mentor

Girls in Technology

GIT Program in Action! One of the biggest misconceptions in the STEM sphere is that it is "only for the boys". In fact, there are still a lot of women who, despite having an interest in technology, often do not pursue a technology career based on this presumption. Fortunately, at Corrimal High School, we know that this is not the case and we want to encourage all students to pursue a career that is fulfilling and of interest to them. On the 17th May, former student, Kiah Hickson wished to show tech savvy girls that the field of technology was... Read more

H Hall in the AIME frame

Corrimal High Students AIME High

AIME Senior Program Corrimal High students along with 65 other local Indigenous high schoolers from 20 schools came along to the Novotel for their very own Program Day. We had a fantastic time at the Senior AIME Program over the past 2 Friday sessions. Students were introduced to and paired up with their Mentors (University Volunteers) and hit it off with them straight away. Year 11 looked at goal setting for the next 3, 6 and 12 months thinking about the future. We also had fun pretending it was each of our 60th birthday's and writing a... Read more

Ski Trip 2016

School Ski Trip

Places are filling up! Corrimal High School is seeking current students from Years 7-12 to be a part of this years ski trip to Thredbo Alpine Resort. Student numbers must be finalised by Tuesday 17th May. Speak with your friends or students who went last year and get involved. If you are interested see Mr Abbott ASAP for all details.... Read more

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Safe Driving

Safe Driver Initiative

Putting the spotlight on the driver's seat to ensure student well-being out of the classroom. As part of the schools commitment to the welfare of CHS students Year Advisers will engage in extra-curricular activities to further extend student knowledge and promote safety. On Thursday 24th March all of Year 11 participated in Part 1 of the Safe Driver Initiative organised by their Year Adviser, Mr. Joel Foster. Part 1 involved students listening to a presentation by a PCYC representative and discussion around the five biggest causes of accidents... Read more

Earth Hour at CHS

Doing what we can for the Places We Love

CHS Switched off for the Places We Love! Corrimal High School is focused on the education of its students, however, to ensure students are truly knowledgeable we sometimes need to go beyond the normal classroom lesson. The teachers at Corrimal High School do this to provide further comprehension and guidance in matters that affect the wider community and to provide students with the critical thinking tools to be fully informed and active citizens in the future as adults. One such extra-curricular activity was that of Miss Price's Year 7 Blue... Read more

Progress Report Interviews 2016

Corrimal High School is committed to ensuring academic success among our students. As part of our commitment, we are holding progress report interviews for Year 7 and 11 to ensure parents are informed as to the performance of their students in each class. Every parent is invited to schedule a meeting with each teacher to discuss any matters. Students have been given a meeting schedule sheet with available times. To book a meeting, your student needs to see the classroom teacher and request a time slot. Looking forward to seeing you all on... Read more

AIME 2016

AIME Higher 2016

Helping to AIME higher in 2016! AIME stands for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. It is a dynamic educational program that aims to provide support to Indigenous students and give students involved the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to grow and pursue their dreams. AIME in the Illawarra takes place at the University of Wollongong and is grounded in small group and one-on-one mentoring. Students can work on building self-confidence, positive attitudes and leadership skills while setting and making steps towards their... Read more

Waiting to start to WGS!

Brave for a Shave

True role models for the school and community. CHS is very proud of you! Many of us have been touched by cancer in some way. Many people know someone close to them that has suffered through the trauma that is cancer or have supported friends and family throughout their ordeal. To show their support, some of the very awesome students of Corrimal High School banded together for the World's Greatest Shave. On the 11th of March 2016, several students and staff shaved, waxed or coloured their hair to raise research funds and awareness for blood... Read more

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Meet Your Principal and School Captains and Vice Captains for 2016

In order for the community to get to know their local schools, the Illawarra Mercury has worked to produce the ‘Meet Your Principal and School Captains and Vice Captains for 2016' booklet. It highlights some of the key aspects local schools provide, including programs and support, along with information about the school surrounds. Corrimal High School is featured and is available for viewing online. Follow the link to see what Corrimal High School, your local school, is providing.... Read more

Open Night Invitation

Corrimal High School Open Night

Is your child in Years 4, 5 or 6? Are you considering choices for their high school education? You are invited to Corrimal High School's Open Night. View some of the outstanding facilities and programs our school can offer to your child. Take a tour of the school grounds and take a peek at the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program.... Read more

Thomas Potts (Year 9)

A Rising Star

Ever thought about representing a sporting team? Ever dreamed of making it to the ‘big leagues'? Well, one of our very own students, Thomas Potts (Year 9), has proved that he is a rising star athlete and well on the way to achieving greatness. Thomas has been playing soccer with his local division for the last two seasons and has just recently been offered a spot on the Wollongong Wolves soccer team and has earned an offer to participate in a soccer camp in the UK with West Ham United! This is an outstanding achievement and one that Corrimal... Read more

Keaton James

Top Stuff from a Top Bloke

Well done Keaton James. Congratulations to Keaton James from the Class of 2015 for becoming the Top Blokes Foundation's first Youth Ambassador. Keaton is passionate about ensuring all young men have access to social education and a space to be themselves. We are very proud of you Keaton.... Read more

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A new school year

Welcome back to school for 2016. As we start the year we have high expectations of our students and staff and a commitment to deliver the excellent public education that parents, carers and the community rightly demand. This year we will work towards achieving new priorities announced by the Premier to raise the percentage of students in the top two bands in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). I am proud of our achievements in public education and each year our schools provide our communities with much to... Read more